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Thirteen years ago, we collected our first 10,000 pullets. With your support, dedication and God guidance we have grown to an installed capacity of over 200,000 birds. From a modest staff strength of less than 10 we now have over 100 staff. There has been setbacks along the way, but with our collective support, we have been able to forge ahead.

Thanks to all our numerous esteemed customers for believing in us and staying by us. You are the main reason why we are still here and we will remain committed to you. We hope to bring more satisfaction to you in this our new year.

To the senior and junior staff of Profundis Farms, we appreciate all your steadfastness to duty. We also want to appreciate our Families that have to bear our absence because of the demands of working on a Farm.

As we plan our diversification into other fields of Animal Production, we pray for God's continued protection and guidance.

Thank you all and God bless.


Profundis Farms Nigeria Limited

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